Surrogacy Story

Surrogacy Stories: The Journeys of Surrogate Mothers, Intended Parents and Egg Donors.

The surrogacy journey can be seeming difficult to deal with. Infect the surrogacy journey can be daunting……. Legally,Medically,Financially,Socio-culturally,Emotionally,Psychologically and Logistically.

It doesn’t matter if you have completed a surrogacy journey, or you are just getting started. What matters is to Share Your Surrogacy Story with the world about your unique experience, surrogate babies, sharing your Surrogacy struggles with the world.

The Intended Parents Journey

Successful Surrogacy

The Intended Parents Journey:Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogacy Options

It takes a tremendous amount of determination, commitment and focus to move through the process while continuing to live one’s life with any measure of equanimity!

Infertility is a medical condition that touches all aspects of a person’s life. It affects how you feel about yourself, your relationship with others, and your perspective on life. How you deal with these feelings will depend on your personality and life experiences. Most people can benefit from the support of family, friends, medical caregivers, and professional counselors. The following information will help you decide if you need to seek professional help in managing the emotional stresses associated with infertility.

For most of the intended parents, Parenthood is a life changing and eternally rewarding experience.

Surrogacy Success Story ,helps the people in the process, providing the psycho-educational support to master this three-dimensional journey. We believe that the surrogacy journey is more than the creation of a child.  It is a life transforming process actually made up of three journeys in one:

1.The Informational Journey: sorting through and assimilating an enormous amount of information as well as managing concrete   details about how to make it all work for you.

2.The Inner Journey: getting clear and getting anchored in one’s personal values and vision of the surrogacy journey

3.The Interpersonal Journey: building the relationship between the intended parents and surrogate as well as a deepening of   the relationship between the parents. This also includes harmonious and respectful interactions with the agency and with     the clinic staff.

These journeys, though separate, are intricately interrelated. An imbalance in one area can destabilize another.

Our Surrogacy programs are designed to help you manage through every phase of the journey so you can minimize the stress and maximize the joy of this transformative process and give you the Success.

Rotunda Surrogacy Clinics in India offers a wide range of options to fulfill your dreams of parenthood. With the most well-equipped, state of the art infertility treatment available and highly experienced experts in the field; we have been able to assist couples and singles all over the world at a most affordable price.

Some surrogates at our surrogacy clinic say they love surrogacy and it has really become a passion for them. They love helping others and this is one of the greatest gifts , they feel they could ever help someone achieve. They love being pregnant and childbirth. This by far is one of the most rewarding thing’s that they feel they have ever done.

Most of them feel that being a surrogate and helping Intended Parents has changed their life and has by far been one of the most rewarding aspects of their life.

“This Indian surrogates are like a God to them because without them they would never had had their child,” and “The joy that is there at the end of the day is a million times more than the money you can count.”

Most of the intended parents or Gestational Surrogate have lack of a surrogacy law knowledge when first time experience. But eventually during their first surrogacy experience they learn all about surrogacy, surrogacy law and gather a lot of surrogacy information. Some intended parents use egg donors agency to start there surrogacy process.

Our business is about people helping people to make families every day.We have helped no of couples including [lgbt] lesbian and gay couples and even single men and single women to fulfill their dream of enjoying parenthood.

Rotunda -The Center for Human Reproduction is embarking upon a quiet revolution regarding a secure, permissible, affordable, and frustration-free journey to parenthood. Fertility specialist Dr Gautum Allahbadia, is Medical Director of Rotunda -The Center for Human Reproduction.

We want to see everyone realize their dreams of becoming parents!!!You can definitely tell us that you are looking to match with a surrogate or intended parents.

Please always feel free to ask and Share any questions that you may have, and you may also contact us. We are here to help in all the way we can!!

Start creating your family today contact us:

Rotunda-The Center for Human Reproduction

+91 22 2655 2000

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