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FAQs on Surrogacy, FAQs for Egg Donors, FAQs for Surrogates, FAQ Low Cost Surrogacy in India.

In the past adoption and/or childlessness were the only options for infertility. Now surrogacy is the alternative to adoption and/or childlessness . Many couples choose gestational surrogacy so that they can have a baby that is genetically related to one or both of them.

Frequently Asked Questions on Surrogacy in India.

FAQs Surrogacy, Intended parents, Egg Donors, Surrogates

Understanding the many complex issues related to surrogacy can be a daunting task for intending parents. The procedure may involve self IVF, donor egg IVF, and the like.

We have put in our best to make this list of FAQs as comprehensive as possible. If there’s still something that has not been covered below, feel free to contact us.

Q. What is surrogacy? Surrogacy, the assisted reproduction method, is explained

What is Surrogacy? The term Surrogacy or Surrogate means substitute, and in medical terminology, the term surrogacy means using of a substitute mother in the place of the natural mother. Surrogacy is an arrangement wherein a woman agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for the contracted party (it can be of either parents or of intending couples). She may be the child’s (the more traditional form of surrogacy), or she may, as a gestational carrier, carry the pregnancy to delivery after having been implanted with an embryo.

Q. What are different type’s surrogacy’s?

Types of Surrogacy are few traditional surrogacy, Altruistic surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and Commercial surrogacy.

Q. Which is the most common type of surrogacy today?

The most common type of surrogacy is the Commercial surrogacy which is a form of surrogacy in which a gestational carrier is paid to carry a child to maturity in her womb and is generally resorted by higher income infertile couples who can afford the cost involved or people who save and borrow in order to complete their dream of being parents. This procedure is legal in several countries including in India where due to high international demand and ready availability of poor surrogates, Surrogacy in India is reaching industry proportions. With lot many quality IVF Clinic India and with ready availability of surrogates the surrogacy in India is affordable compared to many other countries.

Q.  What is Indian donor egg IVF?

Donor egg IVF in India is a fertility treatment or Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in which the egg from a donor is subjected to IVF. That is, the egg from the donor is mixed with the sperm from the biological father in the laboratory. If embryos are produced, they are grown in a lab dish and then transferred to the recipient’s uterus. If this results in a pregnancy, the baby thus born will have genetic linkage to the donor of the egg.

Q.  How do I choose an egg donor?
Every Intended parents, prospective parent has different criteria which he or she believes is most important. You need to determine what those requirements will be. Some prospective parents look for an egg donor with similar traits as themselves or their partner such as: ethnicity, hair color, eye color, dimples, height, etc. Some are more interested in the egg donor’s talents, intellect, family history, or athletic ability. Others just pick someone whom they believe looks like a nice person. It really is up to you.

Q.   How many Embryos are implanted by the clinic?

India has some of the friendliest ART laws. In-fact the lack of ART allows clinics to implant a minimum of 4 embryos with the intent to maximize our chances of pregnancy.

Q. How is a surrogate chosen in India? What are the screening criteria for a surrogate?

Surrogacy clinics in India have very meticulous and stringent criteria for choosing a surrogate. The surrogates are:

  1. Surrogates between 21-35 years of age.
  2. Indian Surrogates are married with previous normal deliveries and healthy babies. (In India, it is still largely socially unacceptable for an unmarried woman to have children, especially if the woman comes from a middle-class background.)
  3. Screened thoroughly for infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, VDRL and genetic conditions. A complete investigation is done into the medical history, blood transfusion history of the surrogate, and her family’s medical history is examined. The surrogate must have a normal obstetric history (no miscarriages, no antenatal, intranatal and postnatal complications in previous pregnancies). A detailed pelvic sonography is done and other tests for uterine receptivity are done to ensure maximum chances of success.
  4. Surrogates in India are screened for thalassemia, too.
  5. Indian Surrogates are checked for any addictions or substance abuse.

Please note that most of our surrogates are married and have children. However, for some exceptional cases, we do have a few who are widows and have children and are willing to do surrogacy. This is required by some of our clients whose country’s laws allow easier return of the baby with the intended parents if the child is born to a surrogate mother who is single.

Q. What is your surrogacy success rate?

The India surrogacy success rate (carry-baby-home rate) of our partner clinic is the best in the country. We have an average success rate of 50%.

Q. Will there be a contract between the Indian fertility clinic and me?

No. The contract will be between you and the surrogate mother.

Q. I am a gay man/I am a single man. And I want to be a father through surrogacy. Can you help me out?

You can definitely avail of our surrogacy program. We do not discriminate among patients based on their sexual orientation or their marital status. The draft Indian surrogacy law, too, expressly, provides for surrogacy for single or gay men.

Q. Do – India clinic offer surrogacy for single or lesbian women?

The ICMR guidelines clearly state that surrogacy in India is also available for a single woman or for a lesbian couple.

FAQs Surrogacy Intended parents, Prospective parents, Egg Donors, Surrogates

Intended Parents FAQs about Surrogacy

Opting for surrogacy is a major decision in your life. Surrogacy in India is much cheaper than that in the US, UK, or any other developed country. But, you need to understand all aspects of surrogacy before you take the ultimate decision. We have tried to make the process easier for you by listing important questions to which you should know the answers, before making up your mind on surrogacy.

If interested in Surrogacy, India would be an ideal destination for its affordability and its richness of diversity to choose from and Surrogacy Mumbai at Rotunda Clinic.

Choosing a right Surrogacy Agency is very critical and one of the most deciding factors for a successful Surrogacy. Globally among all the countries surrogacy in India is most sort out for its affordability and also for its hygiene.

Rotunda-The Center for Human Reproduction offer surrogacy services in India for the international audience. They have varied varieties of Egg Donors to choose from for the intended parents and also an ISO certified IVF Clinic India in Mumbai having state of the art equipment for Surrogacy Process. If interested in Surrogacy, India would be an ideal destination for its affordability and its richness of diversity to choose from and SurrogacyMumbai at Rotunda can be of the ideal choices.

Please always feel free to ask FAQs on Surrogacy Intended parents, Prospective parents, Egg Donors, Surrogates and Share any questions that you may have, and you may also contact us. We will be happy to help you in all the way we can!!

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surrogacy in India lesbian

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