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IVF Cost Worldwide

Infertility, the inability to have children affects one in every seven couples of fertile age. The infertility rate is increasing as a result of increased stress, competitive work environment, hectic and fast paced imbalanced lifestyle, urbanization, environmental toxins, delayed marriage and prolonged family planning.

If you and your partner have been experiencing difficulty getting pregnant, one thing that may have crossed your mind is the cost of infertility treatment. When it comes to female and male infertility, a couple’s main concern is usually the odds of getting pregnant associated with a specific type of fertility treatment.

However, the costs of fertility treatment, including fertility tests and IVF costs, can pose a barrier for couples seeking help getting pregnant.

Considering the financial options available to you and your partner when it comes to fertility treatments. You prepare yourself financially when seeking assisted reproductive technology methods to help treat infertility, if you have idea of Cost of fertility Treatment worldwide.

Do you have to bear the IVF cost yourselves? Have you been searching for a quick resource that compares the IVF cost around the world? Well now it’s here!

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The chance of a pregnancy through IVF is increased if more embryos are replaced. The more embryos that are replaced the greater the chances of a multiple birth, since each embryo has a chance of developing to full term. Since multiple births is the single greatest risk to health in IVF the HFEA in the UK have imposed restrictions on the number of embryos that can be transferred in IVF to a maximum of two for women under the age of 40 and a maximum of three for women aged 40 or over who are using their own eggs (if you are using donated eggs the maximum is two).

In India, however, these restrictions do not apply and six or seven embryos can be replaced at any one cycle, hence increasing the chances of pregnancy but also increasing the risks.

To date I do not have details of the legal limits in all of the countries, however if you keep checking my IVF Cost blog I do intend to continue with this research. The cause of infertility is very specific to you. It is not an area which I will address at the moment. Having an estimate of the total IVF cost in each country now puts you in a position to be able to make an informed decision on the best country to focus on for your IVF treatment.

India appears very good options and clearly comes out as the cheapest country on IVF cost. India also has the benefit of a vast amount of experience – they were the second country in the world to have a successful pregnancy with IVF, only a couple of month after the UK in 1978. In India many of the doctors have been trained and have practiced in the West and are fluent in English.

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