Unexplained infertility and Fallopian Tube Sperm Perfusion

Treatment of unexplained infertility and Fallopian tube sperm perfusion.

If you are thinking about trying fertility treatments to help you conceive, you will likely undergo a variety of tests to determine the source of your infertility. However, many couples undergo dozens of tests only to come up with few answers.

Known as unexplained infertility, such a situation can often be quite frustrating for everyone involved. Unfortunately, it is quite common and can sometimes hinder the fertility treatment process.

Unexplained infertility is actually quite common. Up to 10% of couples who visit a fertility clinic for treatment receive a diagnosis of unexplained fertility. Of course, these rates vary from clinic to clinic, and country to country.

Woman  taking pregnancy test

Unexplained infertility

In the treatment of couples with unexplained infertility, the FSP procedure seems to give a better birth rate.FSP is less invasive and less expensive than alternative procedures such as GIFT, ZIFT and IVF.

Possible Causes of Unexplained Infertility

There are a number of things that may underlie your unexplained infertility. Through patience and careful testing it may be possible to attribute your infertility to one of these underlying factors. Fertility treatment can then proceed based on the diagnosis. To name the few Abnormal Fallopian Tubes, Abnormal Eggs, Luteinized Uncultured Follicle (LUF) Syndrome, Abnormal Luteal Phase, Immune Problems, Infection, Weak Sperm.

Intrauterine, artificial, Insemination (IUI) has been used to treat infertility for many years and is most often employed where there is mild male factor infertility, antigen/antibody reactions in the cervical mucus, or a male donor.

Most infertility clinics in India currently use the standard technique of Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI), where sperm are placed inside the uterus. Pregnancy rates in clinics vary depending on the way the insemination is performed, the type of ovarian stimulation, the quality of the gametes and the cause of infertility.  Age of the woman and luteal phase efficiency (or deficiency) are also major factors contributing to the success of the treatment. Unfortunately, those IUI success rates have been much lower than with IVF. Fallopian Tube Sperm Perfusion (FSP) is a relatively recent modification of IUI in which the insemination will directly place sperm into the fallopian tubes. It is thought that insemination with FSP may yield higher pregnancy and live birth rates for couples with unexplained infertility.FSP use the same protocols of ovarian stimulation and the monitoring of the cycle as for the IUI but FSP has shown very encouraging results in pregnancy efficiency. It is widely considered as more efficient technique and suggested to be appropriate for cases with unexplained infertility.

Fallopian Tube Sperm Perfusion, FSP,

Fallopian Tube Sperm Perfusion, FSP,

Always remember that infertility can be cured like any other disease and it does not mean that your masculinity is at stake.

By being fit you can fight infertility.

If you have been through or experiencing unexplained infertility or infertility, come share your experiences with us.

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